Dab rigs are here to stay! Light up in style with a custom glass dab rig and embrace the high life. Get yourself exclusive concentrate glass from Daily High Club!


Nexus Nano Puck. $299.95 Badass Glass. The Nexus Nano Puck is another small-sized dab rig that has a unique design yet with undeniable function. It’s designed to look like a hockey puck and built to be as strong. It has a diffused downstem that percolates vapor for smooth, yet flavorful hits. It’s 7 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.

Indubitably the dopest way to dab:) These glass dishes are nice and thick. Each one comes with grooves cut into each side to hold your dabber, straw, or nectar collector. Our Mini Puck Glass Dab Rig is 5.25 inches (13cm) - small enough to fit in the palm of your hand- but big on huge dabs. Fixed, diffuser downstem, hockey puck base, bent neck mouthpiece, and a 14mm male joint. 2021-04-06 · A dab rig is sometimes known as a dab bong or an oil rig.

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Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu More posts from the Dabs community. 695 Pulsar Mini Puck Glass Dab Rig  Pulsar Mini Puck Glass Dab Rig is 5.25 inches- small enough to fit in the palm of your hand- but big on huge dabs.

Our Tempered Glass Wax Dab Jar is the perfect storage container for your home- made waxes and thick oil products. Made of durable tempered glass to resist 

Mini Hockey Puck Glass Pipe with Clear Tip - 10mm Male Joint. $19.95 USD. Mini Hockey Puck Glass Pipe with Clear Tip - 10mm Male Joint $19.95 USD. Mini Hockey Puck Pipe with … Mini Hockey Puck Glass Pipe with Clear Tip - 10mm Male Joint $19.95 Mini Hockey Puck Pipe with Butterscotch Tip $21.95 Glass Bubbler - Double Recycler Birdcage - Blue $69.00 The Mav Glass Slitted Puck Recycler is a phenomenal rig that specializes in choppy bubble stacking in a compact frame that bodes well for dabs and flower alike. The hourglass shape minimizes air space and sends water through the singular uptake to begin the vortex … Diamond Glass Big Puck Dab Rig This is a bitchin looking dab rig that has accents of black and white or purple and black soft ceramic glass.

Dabbing Guide Dabs are by far one of the most popular trends in the world of cannabis right now. As opposed to smoking cannabis flowers, dabbing lets, you quickly vaporize cannabis concentrates. Sometimes called extracts, concentrates are made through a process of stripping out all the cannabinoids from cannabis plants. And because concentrates can have […]

Glass pucks for dabs

Price Match  Mini Glass Puck Rig SKU: BUB-HKYPCK-75MM Categories: All Products Tags: concentrate, dab, Dabs, oil, rig, shatter, wax Material, Borosilicate Glass. The Diamond Glass Big Puck Dab Rig boasts a dual compatible design and includes both an 18mm male bowl piece for your dry herbs and a 4mm thick quartz  No secrets here, this water-resistant, non-stick container will keep all your waxes and oils safe from the elements.

Indubitably the dopest way to dab:) These glass dishes are nice and thick. 2018-11-25 Got an amazing prescribed glass piece to show off today. Stacks on stacks of bubbles. Come get this beauty for $85 today! .
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I'm new to dabs so I will be sharing my experience thus far. Join me for an unboxing These durable and versatile water pipes include both a 14mm female quartz banger and a glass herb slide so you can use it with herb or dabs. This rig is part of our RIP (Rugged Indestructible Pipes) series.

Super-sturdy borosilicate glass. 14mm female quartz banger included. HIGHLIGHTS.
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American Made Glass Dab Straws. The Quick and Easy Way to Dab. Let’s face it. Dab Rigs require quite a bit of work. A Glass Dab Straw gets you up and running with ease. The portability allows you to take your dabs with you when you are on the go. They are fast and easy to use and thus an extremely popular choice for dabbing. Affordable

2015 — Pingback: glass food storage containers. Pingback: revitol Pingback: sbd oil dabs.

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This shower head oil rig may be small, but it will exceed your expectations. Perfect for wax, shatter and other concentrates, this water pipe delivers smooth, strong hits every time. Buy your next puck dab rig online at thickassglass.com. Glass for Dabs Filters. Sort by Sort by Show 24 36 48 View as $7.95 CAD. GEAR Premium Quartz 6mm Banger Balls / Dab Pearls How do you use dab pearls? Using dab pearls, also known as banger balls or banger beads, help you maximize your 2019-11-07 Over recent years, glass blowers have discovered ways to make high functional, fast cooling dabs rigs in an assortment of sizes, shapes, materials, designs, attachments, themes, and smoke styles. DankStop aims to offer a large selection of dab rigs online to be sure we have something to … American Made Glass Dab Straws.