I used the Pellington a little bit today and had a hard time figuring out where it stood in comparison to the Kar & SPR - my two favorite MW snipers. I feel like it almost fits right in between them. Extremely minor decrease to accuracy and damage compared to the Kar but with more range and a larger scope for better visibility.


Looking for the best Warzone loadout? Finding the best Warzone guns is a good start if you hope to score a victory in Verdansk or Rebirth Island. There is a lot to choose from too, thanks to

This setup Amazing gameplay featuring a late zone clutch. Checkout this Pellington, it slaps! Enjoy. Today we've got an absolutely insane round with the lads using a stolen loadout that I picked up off the ground! This stolen Pellington + FFAR Loadout was un THINND: No Glint Super Stealth Pellington 15 Kills Duos in Cold War WarzoneThis loadout doesn't have a glint and is a viable alternative to the Kar 98 or SPR Best Pelington class for Warzone relies on making the sniper rifle efficient in the battle royale. With the Pelington being brought over to Warzone after the integration, players are wondering The best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Pellington 703 loadout.

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Other weapon loadout guides can be found here. The Pellington 703, also dubbed as the "Kar98k" of Cold War weapon arsenal, is great for Cold War and shreds in Warzone. It has the potential for a 1-shot headshot kill and does some serious damage. A proper sniper loadout can take you a long way in Cold War Warzone and secure you some of those elusive dubs. Out of the three new Cold War snipers that have made their way into Warzone, the Pelington is by far the crowd-favorite. Most players who run snipers in their loadouts tend to use either the Pelington or the Tundra for a good reason.


There's a new best sniper in Warzone, here's our best Kar98k setup. The Kar98k is increasingly popular among high skill Warzone players and it’s not hard to see why.

This loadout’s primary focus is the FFAR 1, which is turning out to be the fastest time-to-kill weapon for Warzone. You can consider running it with something like the AUG or another high-impact weapon for added effectiveness. This weapon jumps to the top of the list due to the Agency Suppressor buff in the recent patch.

Pellington warzone loadout

Is the Pellington viable in Annoying to take one out that you have to set it all up again when putting it back in a loadout. Warzone. 102. 16 comments.

Plus, there's nothing more satisfying in Warzone than hitting that perfect sniper headshot. However, there is a lot of debate over what sniper is best. I use pellington paired with bullfrog or ffar most of the time, I really enjoy the weapon specially when the no glint let you wipe down a whole squad without them even noticing where are you shooting from, mobility, bullet velocity, range and reload time is better than the kar, the ads is very similar to the kar also.
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Pelington 703 Warzone Class. The Pelington 703 is one of the most agile snipers that has been seen in the history of the franchise, with incredible speed and accuracy making it extremely popular among the quick-scoping community. Advertisement. Below is our recommended Pellington 703 loadout for Warzone.

Through years of playing Call of Duty on PC, Razinon and  Speros; Månad sedan; 181,062; 1,771. the 1-SHOT PELINGTON SNIPER LOADOUT for WARZONE!! (INSANE ADS SPEED) BETTER THAN THE KAR??
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The UPDATED XM4 Class Setup in Warzone Season 2 just got A LOT BETTER! visningar 255,058. Facebook. Twitter. Ladda ner. 2529. Prenumerera. Westie.

This loadout is focused on speed while keeping a balance on magazine size and accuracy. Here’s the rundown: Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor – Additional damage range, appear off the radar while firing. Barrel: 32.0″ Factory Barrel – Increased damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control between shots. 2021-03-22 · Best LW3 - Tundra loadout in Warzone.

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Amazing gameplay featuring a late zone clutch. Checkout this Pellington, it slaps! Enjoy.

combat recon barrel -infiltrator grip. fast loader. sasr tape. tactical stock This one for the speed. I feel like the first one is better as I do some quickscoping but not that much in warzone. FFAR.